underwater engineering services hampshire
Scour Protection
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Scour Protection Ltd.,
Blythewood House, Lake Road,
Curdridge, Hampshire SO32 2HH

Phone: 01489 788044
underwater engineering services hampshire
underwater engineering services hampshire

Technologies: Scour Protection Ltd. Curdridge Hampshire

There are many ways to protect structures, riverbanks or seashores against the ravages of water. At Scour Protection in Hampshire we have a proven track record in designing and implementing solutions using a range of techniques, either alone or in combination.

Rock Placing

Placing rocks of varying size along a riverbank or around the base of a bridge is a time honoured way to protect against scour. It is also practical and effective.

Sheet Piling

Small metal sheet piles are highly effective at protecting riverbanks or smaller structures such as jetties or quays that are being washed. The sheets can be placed by hand and only a small diving system is required so access for heavy machinery is not required.


Gabions filled with rocks are available in various sizes and shapes. They are ideal for building structured defences against fresh water or marine scour.

Grout Mattress

We are one of only three UK installers of grout mattresses from the ProServe Group. Placed in-situ and then filled with cement, they are proving their worth in a range of locations such as riverbanks, weir slopes and beneath bridges.

Underwater Concrete Pours

We have considerable expertise in designing and implementing this resilient scour solution, usually appropriate for larger scale vulnerable sites such as marinas and riverbanks.

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Scour Protection Ltd.,
Blythewood House
Lake Road,
Hampshire SO32 2HH

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